Competitor Race Day Info

OFFICIAL EVENT PROGRAMupdated 25-3-22: The window below displays the event program is essential reading for all event attendees and covers details like COVID safe plans, event schedule, course descriptions, car parking and more.

Read it online HERE.

Download your own PDF copy HERE.

COVID-safe details: X-Adventure will comply with the Level 1 restrictions current on race day. Please read the detailed COVID-Safe event plan and various requirements as documented in the Event Program below.

This page contains information for competitors regarding race day:

COVID-safe event plan summary

We take the risks of COVID-19 seriously and will conduct the event such that it complies with the Level 1 restrictions in place on the event date. Please be aware of the COVID-safe steps and procedures explained throughout this Event Program and ensure everyone has read it carefully before attending the event. 


  • display any COVID symptoms
  • are awaiting the results of a COVID test
  • are a close contact with a COVID case or suspected COVID case within the last 7 days

MASKS need to be worn if you:

  • cannot social distance or follow the 2sqm rule whilst outside
  • are inside whilst at the event, eg inside the registration marquee or a sponsors tent
  • being attended to by the medical team
  • we encourage runners and riders to carry a mask whilst competing (incase you crash and need medical assistance).


  • use the hand wash / sanitation stations established at transition areas, the finish and other areas
  • respect others and help leave toilets, shared surfaces and common touch points clean. Use the gloves and disinfectant provided to help staff keep things clean and safe
  • please bring your own supplies rather than relying on shared items – such as race food, water, cups, water bottles


  • all group gatherings to be no more concentrated than 1 person per 2sq/m. If in doubt please remain 1.5m apart and follow the social distancing

Race Locations

The race operations are centred around 3 different locations that are no more than 500m apart (easy walking distance)

Event expo, registration, T2 and finish line.

The event centre will be located on the 18th fairway on the Dunsborough Country Club near the clubhouse. The run > bike transition area will be 100m further away up the fairway.

Race start (NEW LOCATION):

The start for the Long course, Short course and Aquathlon races will be at the southern end of the swim enclosure, at the end of Bay View Cres.

T1 swim > run:

The swim > run transition area will be on the car park at the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp, at the end of Finlayson St.

Race Registration

All participants must have their registration kit prior to race start. Competitors do not necessarily need to collect their own registration kit in person – friends, team mates and family members can collect your items on your behalf.

Event Registration Marquee: located in the event expo on the 18th fairway at the Dunsborough Country Club.

Registration Kit Collection times: 

All Races (excluding Groms) kit collection – Friday 3.00pm – 7:00pm

  • Groms X-Adventure kit collection – Saturday 2:40pm – 4.00pm
  • Kids X-Adventure race kit collection – Saturday 12:00pm – 2:30pm
  • Short course X-Adventure race kit collection – Saturday 8:00am – 10:30am
  • Long course X-Adventure race kit collection – Saturday 2:40pm – 5:30pm AND Sunday 6:30am – 7:00am (by prior appointment only)
  • Aquathlon-X race kit collection – Saturday 2:40pm – 5:30pm AND Sunday 6:30am – 7:00am (by prior appointment only)

Race start

Location: At the southern end of the swim enclosure, at the end of Bay View Cres.Street)

COVID SAFE STEPS AT THE START (in order to reduce crowd sizes):

  • The swimmer plus up to 3 additional spectator / support crew permitted to attend the start area
  • Team runners encouraged to wait at T1 and not come to start

Short Course swim start

  • Seperate starts for solo and relay teams to minimise crowds gathered

Long Course and plus Aquathlon-X swim starts:

  • Single mass start for all competitors in waist deep water
  • Swimmers should spread out along the entire start line with plenty of space, all positions on the start line will be equal

Kids X-Adventure race starts:

  • 3 wave starts for kids of different ages, held at approx 6 min. intervals i.e. 2.40pm, 2.46pm, 2.52pm
  • Starting adjacent to the Old Dunsborough boat ramp at the end of Finlayson Street. The entire swim will be inside the shark proof beach enclosure.

Groms’ X-Adventure race start:

  • Adjacent the transition area in the Dunsborough Country Club

Transition Areas

The following requirements apply to all transition areas (TA) and constitute part of the event rules:

  • For teams: Only the team mate in the immediate next leg is permitted to wait inside the TA – other team mates and support crews must wait outside the fenced off enclosure. This will be strictly enforced.
  • For teams: The immediate next team mate must wait inside the fenced off transition area and must exchange the timing chip next to your equipment. Please do not crowd around the entry to the TA but leave space for other competitors.
  • For teams and individuals: No external support may be provided to competitors inside the fenced off TA enclosure (or out on the course). Support crews can only enter a TA to drop off equipment for their competitor but must leave the TA immediately after doing so.

Transition opening times

Opening and closing times of each TA are listed below. Please be advised that any equipment left in the TA outside these times is left at the owner’s risk. Please also note that T1 in particular is in a public location and we encourage you to be cautious about leaving your equipment unattended.

Saturday 2 April

  • 8:30am Transition areas open for equipment drop off (short course only)
  • 2:00pm All short course competitors to have collected their equipment by now
  • 2:00pm Transition areas open for equipment drop off (kids course only)
  • 4:00pm All kids course competitors to have collected their equipment by now
  • 4:15pm Transition areas open for equipment drop off (groms course only)
  • 6:00pm All equipment to have been removed from the transition areas

Sunday 3 April

  • 6:00am Transition areas open for equipment drop off (long course only)
  • 9:00am Transition area open for Aquathlon equipment drop off
  • 1:30pm All equipment to have been removed from the transition areas

Dunsborough Country Club – Event Expo

The following event components are located at the Dunsborough Country Club on the 18th fairway in the Event Expo :

  • Race administration and registration
  • Food, beverages and the event bar
  • Kids’ entertainment
  • Sponsors stands
  • MC and Live Race Updates
  • Race finish line and Transition 2
  • Event parking

Read more on the Event Expo page.