Spectator Information

OFFICIAL EVENT PROGRAMupdated 25-3-22: The event program is essential reading for all event attendees and covers details like COVID safe plans, event schedule, course descriptions, car parking and more. Read it HERE.

Join the fun at Australia’s largest off-road triathlon AND Aquathlon

X-Adventure Dunsborough presented by Siras Performance caters for spectators almost as well as it does the competitors themselves with incredibly simple race logistics and numerous opportunities to see your athletes during the race!

Race locations

There are three basic event locations associated with the event – only 700m apart!! You will be able to park your car and leave it in the one location all day, and easily walk to some great spectator vantage points all while the racing is going on.


Start location NEW LOCATION:

  • At the southern end of the swim enclosure, at the end of Bay View Cres.


  • The swimmer plus up to 3 additional spectator / support crew permitted to attend the start area
  • Team swimmers (and spectators) must wait until the solo athletes have started before congregating at the start area
  • Team runners encouraged to wait at T1 and not come to start

The Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp – on Bay View Crescent

  • Swim to Run – Transition #1. This exciting transition is also immediately beside the start line at the Old Dunsborough Boat ramp and will allow you to see the swimmers come out of the water, get changed into running gear and set off at a great rate of knots along the beach and rocky foreshore.
  • Walk 700m north along the foreshore and you’ll see them along the run course as they wind back along the coastal footpath through the wildflowers.

The Dunsborough Country Club – 40 Gifford Rd:

The event centre will be located on the 18th fairway on the Dunsborough Country Club – immediately adjacent the Country Club buildings.

  • This is the ‘event centre’ that plays host to registration, the sponsors’ expo and displays, the results centre, race office and other race functions
  • Run to MTB – Transition #2. You’ll see the runners racing into the transition, and racing out on MTBs along the single track course
  • Race finish line – located right in middle of the event expo marquees
  • Add to that plenty of MC commentary, sponsors’ stands and the gathering of all folks who are into the event and this is spectator central.

If you want to go a little further afield then other spectator vantage points will be:

  • Meelup Beach. This is a beautiful golden beach surrounded by bushland and the spectacular granite boulder coastline just 5km from the Dunsborough Country Club. This is also nearly the midpoint to the (long course) run leg so you will in fact see them run out on the beach and back along the footpath of this picturesque spot.

Notes for support crews

Support crews are not mandatory for any of the X-Adventure races. They can make logistics a bit easier as they can place and collect your equipment for you but they will have no impact on your overall placing as they cannot help you inside the TAs.

General points:

  • All teams and individual athletes will receive ONE wrist band for your support crew as part of your registration pack. Please ensure that support crew wears this wrist band. Without it, they will not be permitted inside the transition areas to drop off / collect gear.
  • Support crews may NOT help competitors at any point inside or outside of the designated transition areas other than handing a water bottle or other hydration or nutrition to riders in the designated water station area adjacent to T2.
  • Support crews are only able to enter the transition areas to drop off equipment, or collect equipment when your competitor is not there. Entry to the TA will only be permitted upon presentation of a support crew wrist band (provided in the registration pack of team swimmers and individuals).
  • Support crews are able (and encouraged) to enter transition areas to collect competitor’s equipment after they have departed. We particularly encourage support crews to collect the following gear during the event: – all Short Course competitors’ equipment to be removed from TAs by 3:15pm on Saturday afternoon to make space for kids’ equipment. This includes swimming gear, MTBs and running gear.