Course Description and Maps

OFFICIAL EVENT PROGRAM – updated 25-3-22: The event program is essential reading for all event attendees and covers details like COVID safe plans, event schedule, course descriptions, car parking and more. Read it HERE.

Kids X-Adventure Course

The kids’ event is designed especially for kids aged up to 14yrs and includes a similar off-road course as the adults just a lot shorter and without any real technical difficulties.

This incredible event regularly attracts over 300 kids who revel in the chance to compete in their own off-road triathlon just like their peirs. It is conducted in a semi-supervised way such that kids have their own adventure but are never too far from a marshal or race HQ.

200m Ocean Swim

COVID SAFE STEPS AT THE START (in order to reduce crowd sizes):

  • The swimmer plus up to 3 additional spectator / support crew permitted to attend the start area and T1 area. Additional spectators can watch from further away (eg. the rocky point near the boat ramp)
  • Swimmers (and spectators) waiting to start must stand well back and and not congregating at the start area
  • Team runners encouraged to wait at T1 and not come to start

Lining up on the beach, kids will complete a short swim across the small bay in smooth, protected water remaining within the shark proof enclosure the entire way. It has a sandy bottom and is only chest deep for most of the way so provides opportunity for a rest if needed. There will be a water safety team on the water to provide assistance if needed.

2.6km Coastal Run

Exit the transition area and kids then run along the sandy beach a short way before turning inland and uphill for a blast through the bush and then into Transition #2 in the Country Club. The run avoids the technical rocky sections of coastline but still leads them along a fun trail run in the bush.

5km Mountain Bike

Exit the TA and ride along a fun double track that winds between the golf course fairways dodging kangaroos up to the water tanks, then its anchors-away for a fun descent on single track back to the Country Club where kids ride their bikes across the finish line.

Course key elements

  • 3 different wave starts to seperate the older / stronger kids, from the younger ones:
    • STARTS:
      • 2:40pm   Under 15yrs individual boys and girls, plus
                        Under 15yrs relay teams, plus
                        Under 13yrs individual boys and girls   
      • 2:46pm   Under 11yrs individual boys and girls, plus
                        Under 11yrs relay teams, plus   
      • 2:52pm   Under 9yrs individual boys and girls  
  • The course for all legs is clearly marked and kids can follow it unguided – adding to the sense of accomplishment by completing it themselves.
  • The run and ride legs are not overly technical and should be fun and achievable for kids of all ages
  • Marshals will be located at key points around the course and a medical team onsite to provide assistance if needed.

Course map

View larger map HERE