Course Description and Maps

Long Course X-Adventure

OFFICIAL EVENT PROGRAM – updated 25-3-22: The event program is essential reading for all event attendees and covers details like COVID safe plans, event schedule, course descriptions, car parking and more. Read it HERE.

The long course event is designed for the more experienced (or more determined!) individuals and teams who can mix speed and endurance to conquer a spectacular challenge.

Each leg of the course is world class and includes plenty of variety, terrific scenery and satisfying rewards when you make it to the finish line.



Course map

View the X-Adventure Long Course in a larger map HERE.

1,500m Ocean Swim

COVID SAFE STEPS AT THE START (in order to reduce crowd sizes):

  • The swimmer plus up to 3 additional spectator / support crew permitted to attend the start area
  • Team runners encouraged to wait at T1 and not come to start

All swimmers will start together with a waist deep water start south of the safe swimming enclosure for a superb swim through the crystal clear water of Geographe Bay. Completing a loop swim with a series of left turns, swimmers remain within 200m of the coastline at all times (making for great viewing) whilst swimming over a sandy bottom kept alive with the fluttering of small fish in the shallows. Exit the water up the boat ramp and enter Transition #1 in the car park just 30m from the water’s edge.

* The deep water start will be from a 60m wide start line, allowing plenty of space for all swimmers.

12.9km Coastal Trail Run

Exit the transition area and you’ll soon be up to full speed running along the sandy beach for 1km before it changes to a rock hopper’s paradise for a more technical challenge. The sculpted sections of rocky coastline are made up of large granite boulders and rock platforms that provide plenty of traction and interest make your way along the spectacular coastline past Meelup Beach and Point Pique on the outward section of the course.

Turning away from the coast at Meelup near the half way point you run inland and gradually climb up hill before returning to the coast on a fast descent and then you’re heading for home with a fast flat run along the gravel walking track through the Meelup Regional Park, over a final climb up to the Country Club and you’re soon into Transition #2 at the Dunsborough Country Club.

20km Mountain Bike

Long course riders will complete a thrilling 20km MTB ride through the Meelup Regional Park, Country Club and surrounding areas as one giant loop that will have you on-the-rivet the whole way.

The Dunsborough Country Club and Cape Mountain Biker crews have been hard at work to provide a superb course that will include ~80% single track through ‘Brown Street’ and beyond with plenty of berms, jumps and fast straight aways through the bushland before a thrilling descent back to the TA at the Country Club. The MTB course will include heaps of single track but also plenty of over-taking opportunities to allow faster riders through.

Once complete, riders cycle over the finish line.

Course key elements

  • The mass swim start will be held in deep water, from a very wide start line making it safe and accessible as a single mass start for all age groups.
  • The MTB leg is at the end to ensure that the field is well spread out before hitting the single track. There are plenty of overtaking opportunities on the trails to allow faster riders to pass
  • The MTB leg concludes by competitors riding over the finish line
  • The swim TA is immediately adjacent to the water so there is only a 30m run from water to transition
  • The technical rock hopping section comes to less than 3km in total and includes plenty of variety from start to finish
  • The start, T1, T2 and the finish are all within 500m of each other so there are minimal logistics and it is great for spectators with a great race atmosphere from start to finish

Mass start swim

Following the positive feedback we received from the previous 3 years, we will again be starting both long and short course races with a single wave mass start for all athletes. Please note the following about this start:

  • The start line will be at least 60m wide so will allow plenty of space for swimmers spread out.
  • The start will be in deep water so there is no running into the water, minimizing any swim start turmoil.
  • The first turn buoy is 400m away so there is plenty of time to spread out before the first turn buoy.
  • The single wave start helps to reduce congestion on the course compared to wave starts as there will not be faster competitors (who started later) going past slower competitors (who started earlier)
  • The single wave start allows athletes to see how they rank overall and provides fairer results as everyone starts together.
  • The atmosphere and enthusiasm of starting everyone together is highly motivating and a terrific experience to be part of.